Diciotto brani solo pianoforte: è PIANO NUDO (Parco della Musica Records/Jando Music) il nuovo disco di Sergio Cammariere disponibile dal 14 maggio in tutti gli store e sulle piattaforme streaming.


Il disco, che arriva a 6 anni di distanza dall’ultimo lavoro, raccoglie 11 brani: grandi successi internazionali e senza tempo, rivisitati secondo l’espressione musicale dell’artista livornese...

Definito da Enrico Rava, fautore del progetto insieme al figlio di Dino, Franco Piana, “uno dei più grandi jazzisti italiani, uno dei più amati e dei più richiesti in Europa, uno dei padri storici del jazz moderno in Italia e fonte d'ispirazione per tutti i giovani trombonisti negli anni a venire”.

"Genetica dell’Amore" is a story about our self-isolation at home during this challenging time. The video is edited by Simone Calcagni, and selfies have been kindly provided by close friends, relatives, colleagues, and music fans. 

Prodotto da Jando Music in collaborazione con Via Veneto Jazz, Una collezione di canzoni di Icone del songwriting d'oltreoceano come Paul Simon, David Crosby, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits.

“Love in Translation” marks the return (under the Jando Music/Via Veneto Jazz label) of an exciting collaboration between two protagonists of the international jazz scene which started twenty years ago at Umbria Jazz.

As of November 29th the single "Fun" (JANDO MUSIC / VIA VENETO JAZZ), from the album "First Name: Oona" will air on the radio. In addition, the video may be viewed on digital platforms on that same date.

"A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. Its elaborate structure combines circles and spirals in a meandering but purposeful path. It represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world".

“A New Home” is where man, spirit, and music creatively converged and formed a new starting point. After sixty years of living with music...

Sergio Cammariere's latest album, his tenth as singer-songwriter. Eleven tracks delivered with effortless virtuosity with the underlying theme of love that permeates the album: as a feeling to which one must surrender to, desperate yet stirring.  

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