Francesco Fratini
The best of all possible worlds

Francesco Fratini | trumpet
Domenico Sanna | piano 
Luca Fattorini | doublebass 
Matteo Bultrini | drums



The Best of All Possible Worlds is the new project by trumpeter Francesco Fratini (Jando Music/Via Veneto Jazz).

Music represents the best of all possible worlds, a territory of infinite richness that Francesco Fratini explores relentlessly between Rome and New York, similar cities but with very different characteristics, that have inspired all the album’s tracks.

Coming from formative experiences of various kinds, Francesco Fratini, Domenico Sanna, Luca Fattorini and Matteo Bultrini have been collaborating for years as sidemen in different groups, to finally find themselves united in this new project. The group was formed in Rome and has evolved with the intention of being an ensemble where music, as the sole fulcrum, sets the foundation of the narrative and where each member of the group provides, in equal measure, their own contribution to the free development of musical creation. Their performative fluidity is not surprising given the deep friendship and esteem that binds the members and thanks to the variety of their compositions. Places, people, ideas: the highly evocative and entirely original repertoire of the communicates and insinuates. The outcome of this is a harmonious and determined sound, expression of the urban civilization that acts as a backdrop to our daily lives.

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