Sergio Cammariere's latest album, his tenth as singer-songwriter. Eleven tracks delivered with effortless virtuosity with the underlying theme of love that permeates the album: as a feeling to which one must surrender to, desperate yet stirring.  
A touch of pop by the Calabrian artist who, without betraying jazz, exposes love in all its musical forms, with boundless nuances ranging from Latin-American and Brazilian music to blues and jazz. His friend Roberto Kunstler gives a dash of lightness to all, with simple, poetic and profound lyrics. Roberto Kunstler.
La fine di tutti i guai is that moment we all want to reach, it may seem like a utopia to live a life without problems, but in this album love is a state of mind, a feeling that helps us forget and allows us to uncover beauty.” says Cammariere.
The album opens with rhythm and blues in the dreamy “Danzando nel vento” (Dancing in the wind), and enters into a sophisticated bossa, while the classic Cammariere-style of six octaves characterizes the romantic and refined “Ma stanotte dimmi dove stai” (But tonight tell me where you are). “La fine di tutti i guai” is the title track and first single of the album, dedicated to universal love as the only antidote to solitude. An intense and existential song, with nocturnal atmospheres, accompanied by a video written and directed by Cosimo Damiano Damato, which pays homage to Rome with a message of peace and beauty. In this video Cammariere is portrayed as a taxi driver at night and, like in a dream, meets famous stars such as a lonely Marilyn, the lovers Pier Paolo Pasolini and Maria Callas, the dreamy Totò and Ninetto Davoli, a fake Fellini and many others. A poetic vision that finds in love, art, cinema,  music and in poetry the end of all troubles and hope in a world of joy. The theme of friendship follows with the nostalgic “Il tuo amico di sempre” (Your friend of all time) and by the solar rhythms of “Io so” (I know) - the only unpublished track on the record, a song of joy and hope from Pasolini's atmospheres. The refined erotism of “Dimmi almeno una parola” (Tell me at least one word) sinks into the blues that frees the hands on the keyboard bursting out in a semi-rap mantra, and unfolding into “Se conosci il blues” (If you know the blues), a piece that evokes the smoky atmospheres of American clubs, illuminating and releasing even the darkest soul. Energy gives way to romanticism with "Solo per te" (Only for you), an orphic and poetic ballad by the Kunstler-Cammariere partnership and with "Mi domando se" (What if), a ballad with delicate hues and pop nuances. And again, the funky sound of “La sola cosa vera” (The only real thing) sways to the country folk tones of “Con te sarò” (I’ll be with you).
The musicians in this album are those who always accompany Sergio in live shows: Amedeo Ariano on drums, Luca Bulgarelli on double bass, Daniele Tittarelli on soprano sax and Bruno Marcozzi on percussions. Among the album's guests is the Albanian violinist Olen Cesari, the Brazilian guitarist Roberto Taufic and Alessandro D'Alessandro on the barrel organ. The recording session ends with Alfredo Golino on drums and Maurizio Fiordiliso on electric guitars.

Sergio Cammariere will be presenting his latest songs along with his most popular hits live in concerts on the following dates:   
  • 17 May Maniago – PN (Teatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi – Vocalia),
  • 4 July Margherita di Savoia - BT (Piano Poetry, con Cosimo Damiano Damato)
  • 9 July Castel San Giovanni – PC (Piazza XX settembre - Val Tidone Festival)
  • 26 July Roma (Casa del Jazz)
  • 8 August Grosseto (Cava di Roselle)
  • 14 September Cagliari (Exma)
  • 11 November Legnago – VR (Teatro Salieri).
“La fine di tutti i guai” is produced by Giandomenico Ciaramella for Jando Music, Sergio Cammariere for Grandeangelo SRL and Aldo Mercurio. In coproduction with Parco della Musica Records and distributed by Egea; the artistic production and arrangements are by Sergio Cammariere.
(The End of All Worries), released on May 10, is Sergio Cammariere’s latest album, his tenth as singer-songwriter. Eleven tracks delivered with effortless virtuosity with the underlying theme of love that permeates the album: a feeling to which one must surrender to, desperate yet pleasant.
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