Rome 12 November, at 9 pm | Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo (Rome)

Dado Moroni and Max Ionata, two world-renowned artists pay a tribute to Duke Ellington through an artistic journey where they give life to Ellingtonian sounds. A one-way trip to a dimension created by two of the most important artists of the 20th century, Duke Ellington and his alter ego Billy Strayhorn, who, according to many, was the true inspirator of Ellingtonian aesthetics. Regardless of who did what,  these two contemporary geniuses  left a permanent mark on  music in general, not just jazz. Dado Moroni  has worked extensively with Duke Ellington’s double bassist and with his drummer:  Jimmy Woode and Sam Woodyard, allowing him to fully immerse himself into the original sounds of the great composer. Sounds that can be found in the album "Two for Duke" (produced by Jando Music) thanks to saxophonist Max Ionata’s  extraordinary interpretative skills.

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