As of November 29th the single "Fun" (JANDO MUSIC / VIA VENETO JAZZ), from the album "First Name: Oona" will air on the radio. In addition, the video may be viewed on digital platforms on that same date.

Talking about her new single, Oona Rea said «Fun is about the numerous addictions we have today, our disordered thoughts; invisible evil that afflicts the world, which is spreading silently. But I wanted to talk about this breezily, giving a fleeting sensation of light-heartedness through the music, just like happiness is often elusive. I believe the freedom that we have always been looking for lies in the strength of desire, of perseveration, in the constant choice to transform that which is available to us, and therefore "bad" into "good". This form of "magic" is like a game, it's creativity.».

The video clip of "Fun", directed by Matteo Antonelli and Fedora Sasso, shows Oona Rea in a sequence of images playing as a child would: running, singing and painting a white wall with colored brushstrokes.


Singer-songwriter, Oona Rea was born in Rome in 1991 and grew up in a family of artists. Her original voice shifts among a variety of genres, from blues to jazz, rock, and pop, crafting all into a very personal musical style, compelling and eclectic yet cohesive, due to the empowering nature of her lyrics, her jazz approach, and the pop/rock impact of her evocative voice. She has played and collaborated with prominent artists on the contemporary Italian and international jazz scene, including Danilo Rea, MariaPia De Vito, Paolo Damiani, Alfredo Paixao.

Part of the Burnoguala vocal ensemble, Oona also sings in different groups with her unique tone serving up her own spin on soul, blues and folk. In 2019 she released her first album, "First Name: Oona", as a singer-songwriter together with Luigi Masciari, with whom she collaborated on various jazz, rock and pop projects.

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