Music and film come together for a full-scale artistic project. Created by Mauro Gioia, musician, actor and director, Lostland is both a recording project as well as a voyage with images and sounds into the emotions and feelings of an Italian American..

Michael Rosen will take the stage for his "Sweet-17" on Friday 18 December with
Michael Rosen (sax soprano and tenor), Daniele Tittarelli (alto sax), Enrico Bracco (guitar), Domenico Sanna (piano), Luca Bulgarelli (double bass) and Enrico Morello (drums)

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28|11 h. 21 | ROME NEW CD Presentation

21 November 2015 - Casa del Jazz - Rome

Tuesday 6 October at 9 pm - Blue Note Milan

Casa del Jazz Rome 17.10.2015


Rome, 7 July 2015 - Casa del Jazz


Yatra Vol. 3 to be released in July 2015 with a live presentation at Casa del Jazz in Rome on 7 July at 9 pm.

Roma, 21 giugno 2015 -Eataly

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