14 Oct 2017 Teatro Studio Borgna at 9pm
Enzo Pietropaoli premieres his new album "The Princess" at Rome's Auditorium Parco della Musica.

A crescendo of songs that testify to the wide range of musical passions throughout a lifetime: from John Lennon to Bob Dylan, Cole Porter to Peter Gabriel, from Neil Young to Pearl Jam, topped off with the Beach Boys - all brought together and punctuated by several of Pietropaoli's original compositions. "The Princess" is among these - a metaphor for a dream pursued with determination and fully realized. 

Pietropaoli's deeply-felt love for the piano-trio is made evident by the creation of a solemn yet ethereal atmosphere, oscillating between ancient and young in a place beyond space and time, underscored by the choice of the song's title.

Enzo Pietropaoli, at the double bass, is flanked by two extraordinary musicians: Julian Oliver Mazzariello on the piano and Alessandro Paternesi on drums, both of which  contribute to an atmosphere which is simultaneously penetrating, delicate and lush.


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